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In this “industrial revolution” called the Information Age, there is no better time to begin researching one’s roots and discovering who we are! As one of those who not only researches his own ancestry but also is well-versed in using the “tools of the trade”, I offer a professional genealogical service to trace and investigate your family tree and history as far back as records will allow.

In your own interest, please take your time to read through this site carefully: The pages give you an introduction to the different kinds of sources I work with and what I can do for you. You will find important hints how you can help me before I start, with your knowledge and your precise research requests.

Then you can find all the information about my range of services. Depending on your decision, I will develop a free research plan to start an investigation and will also inform you about the different types of possible presentation(s) of the results of the agreed research.



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Mail: for Family Research Information&body=...Please type in here all information you have with your questions and queries regarding research you would like to pursue pertaining to your family...Be sure to include your name and e-mail address as a minimum so I can get back to you!...Thanks!--Kristen.

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